about us

about us

Our site is one of the best pet websites that provides information on pet breeding, reliable information by all veterinarians and pet breeding experts.

Our vision
Our site works to develop the field of pet raising in the Arab world and the world.

Our message
Our site strives to provide high-quality, reliable and accessible pet information in English language.

Our website believes that all people who are interested in raising pets should be concerned with the information on our site about animal husbandry. To achieve this goal, reliable, easy-to-understand information must be provided in the English language, which helps to raise pets.

How do we achieve our vision?

High quality
All of our articles are published after careful translation, review and comparison by the highest level team, which includes health and pet food consultants.

Easy to understand
Everything we present on our site is written in English and addressed to the general public. This means that we check all of our articles to ensure that all the information we provide on our site is accurate, attractive and relevant.