German Shepherd dog properties

German Shepherd dog properties


German Shepherd dog properties, the German Shepherd or German Shepherd Dog is very popular both in the United States of America and worldwide, Breeding German Shepherd dogs.


This is because of the excellent personality characteristics he possesses. The German Shepherd Dog is classified as one of the smartest dogs, and it is always obedient and loyal to its owner.

German Shepherd dog properties

German Shepherd dog properties

German Shepherd dog character

  • The German Shepherd dog character has a great deal of loyalty towards its owners; Which may cause her to give her life; In order to protect them.
  • Despite the great loyalty of German Shepherd’s dogs, However, they need in return to be emotionally satisfied by their breeders, whether by involving them in the daily routine of family members or by allocating time for them to play various games, as these dogs quickly get bored; If it is neglected by its owner.
  • German Shepherd dogs need a relatively long time; Until new people come together with their life, but if a bond of friendship is forged between them, be confident that this friendship will last forever.


German Shepherd dog behavior problems

In the event that appropriate training is not provided to the German Shepherd dog; It is expected to become destructive behavior, as it is expected to be a source of inconvenience to family members through the constant barking and snarling, as well as the destruction of home furniture by chewing, biting.


Also, the lack of a suitable German Shepherd dog from a young age; Would make any animal of small size; Lives near it; In a dangerous situation; He will often chase him, and attack him.


To avoid such behavioral problems, Care must be taken to train German Shepherd dogs from a young age, as well as provide the necessary time for them; To take care of her, and take care of her; So as not to be transformed into practicing these behaviors; As an attempt to attract the attention of its owner to her.


German Shepherd dog training methods

The German Shepherd dog has enormous energy; Which makes him constantly active, and loves to discover the environment around him; So consider that this dog is trained to understand its limits, and not cross them.


German Shepherd dogs are great dogs for great hiking. So it would be a great choice for athletes who prefer this type of exercise.


Set aside a certain time for this dog to be practiced. Different exercises; Ensures the dog has a stable psyche; This makes them quieter while dealing with strangers, and the rate of barking decreases.


Early socialization of the German Shepherd dog; has a huge role in making it more able to handle children and other animal species well.

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