Breeding German Shepherd dogs

Breeding German Shepherd dogs


Breeding German Shepherd dogs, many dog ​​lovers prefer; Specifically breeding German Shepherd dogs; Considering the strength, intelligence, and other positive traits of this strain, Which makes it able to perform many tasks such as rescue, search and search, German Shepherd Puppy Food.

Breeding German Shepherd dogs

Breeding German Shepherd dogs

In order for the German Shepherd dogs to accomplish these tasks well, Should undergo some exercise.


Feed the German Shepherd dogs

German Shepherd dogs are large in size; So you should pay attention to providing large quantities of food to her; Provided that the meals are complete nutrients.


The needs of young puppies; It differs from the needs of adult dogs; So this must be taken

into account when determining the amount of food provided to the dog.


The food provided to the dog must be of high quality; It contains vegetables and meat.


It is best to consult a specialist veterinarian about the quality of ready-made foods that can

be provided to the dog so that you provide him with all the nutrients that his body needs.


German Shepherd dogs training

German Shepherd dogs are classified as a kind of sports dog. They are very active, and there

are some guidelines for training German Shepherd dogs among them.

Begin training German Shepherd dogs of two months; The training should be limited to daily short walking.


The breeder must; Ensure that the dog leash is in his hand, and do not drop it. Especially

when starting the training process.


The German Shepherd dog has a smart mind; So his involvement in tracking exercises,

agility; will give him great pleasure, and make him feel happy and cheerful.


The process of training German Shepherd dogs should be gradual, use a positive stimulus

the method with him, and avoid the use of a strict method.


Daily training time must be allocated.


Care for German Shepherd dogs

To avoid a walking problem in German Shepherd dogs; You should pay attention to

trimming his nails every month.


The brush should be used; For the care of German Shepherd dogs fur, and to get rid of falling fur.


You should take care of the hygiene of German Shepherd dogs; Through his doves at intervals.


German Shepherd dogs health problems

  • In general, German Shepherd dogs are healthy. However, like other breeds of dogs, Her exposure to infection increases with a number of diseases, among them.
  • Deformity of the hip joint or elbow.
  • Abdominal distension; This could endanger her life.
  • Degenerative myelopathy.


So the German Shepherd’s dog breeders must; Periodic checks; This includes examining the elbow and hip areas.

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