How to train Chiwawa dog

How to train Chiwawa dog


Train Chiwawa Dog, some believe that it is difficult to train Chihuahua to relieve the need, but that is really not true, because Chiwawa Dog is smart and therefore can be trained, Chiwawa Dog Food.


The only difficulty in training Chihuahua at home to relieve the need is its small size, which makes it difficult to track down when you are preparing to fulfill your need. But despite this, you can train your dog by watching and insisting that you train him.

How to train Chiwawa dog

How to train Chiwawa dog

Basics of training


Try a rewards training style

Dogs tend to exert effort and repeat the behavior that rewards them. So if she orders Chiwawa Dog to sit down, then rewards him when he complies with your command, he learns that doing something like sitting can lead to him being rewarded. The same applies to his training to eliminate the need.


When a dog performs a normal biological process in a particular place (urinating or defecating) and then gets a reward, then he tries to provide his efforts to spend his need in the same spot and then gets a reward.


The exercise followed by rewards requires that you be in the location from which that desired behavior is issued, which means that you need to be present at home and bring the dog to the place of his regular need.


Use a reward that Chiwawa Dog loves and adores, to encourage him to work hard to receive it over and over. Try a range of foods, such as pet reward products, chicken nuggets, cheese cubes, sausages, or sausages.


If your dog has health problems, take him to the vet to ensure that there is no health reason that prevents him from eating a certain food.


Start training your dog when he is young

You can, and should, begin training your dog once he is eight months old. Training takes time, so you need to start slowly. Remember that the older a chihuahua gets, the harder it is to train. So it will be helpful for you to start early.


Choose where to go if you bring your dog home.


You should choose where your dog will go to. When you bring a puppy home, the first place you should visit before you even step foot is the place to spend your need. Ignore the dog’s attempts to play and get your attention, to have to start sniffing the place.


When the puppy needs it, you can shout and give it a reward.


Take your dog out

Give Chiwawa Dog (be it an adult dog or a puppy) many opportunities to visit where it is needed. Even if you have a dog entry hole in your door, you have to be proactive and take the dog out and place it where it is needed.


The dog will not be able to tell if that place is the place to go if he wants to take care of the need unless you tell him to.


For a puppy, take him out every twenty minutes when he’s awake. If your dog needs it, you should be enthusiastic about it and give it a treat.


If he doesn’t need it, put it back in and try again after twenty minutes, but you have to be vigilant and watch over it

during that time. You should adjust it if it squats inside in preparation for its need, in order to lift it and speed it out



The cage is a very important purpose in-home training, because it is considered a kennel, and the dog’s instinct

prevents it from contaminating it. But do not put it in for hours at once. Remember that the cage should be a safe

haven for the dog and not a prison, so you should make up for the time of the cage by playing and being released.


For an adult Chiwawa Dog, you can take him out every hour. Set an alarm to remind you every hour.

Take your dog outside as soon as he wakes up and after meals. Stomach food causes an involuntary movement of the

dog’s intestine every 15-30 minutes after eating. Take advantage of this movement to take the dog out after meals,

and wait for him to do his job.


Do not leave the dog unattended in the place of his need, otherwise, the magical moment will miss you, and then you

will miss the opportunity to reward him.

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