How to train a French bulldog?

How to train a French bulldog?


Train a French bulldog, and it is believed that a dog breed affects its intelligence and training ability. Of course, this statement is difficult to disprove, but the psychology of a particular dog continues, the owner’s experience and patience play a huge role in successful learning, French Bulldog Food.

How to train a French bulldog

How to train a French bulldog

The French Bulldog has a fair amount of stubbornness. Perhaps this is the only serious obstacle to successful learning. The rest of these dogs cannot be called unable to train, they are quick-witted and smart. Simply put, the bulldog does not consider the purpose of their lives to execute orders, so it is ridiculous to see the exercise.


The owner says that the matter, and slowly bulldog as if weighing all the pros and cons, continues to be implemented. Frankly, she does not like French Bulldogs when she is ordered, so not all owners have the patience to teach them a wide range of teams.


It is important to know before starting training the French Bulldog.



Trust the process for a professional coach, but there is also a stalemate here: the fast-performing bulldog executes the instructor’s orders, but with relaxing again with the owner at home and becomes impervious.


Before you begin training, watch your French Bulldog determine its type of nervous activity. This is a very important point on which the dog education approach depends.


French Bulldog training collie

The exciting type of dog, cholesterol, requires extensive work on inhibitory reactions and the development of general exposure. When working with a French colly man, it is necessary to avoid distracting moments that permanently put the dog in balance, alternating excitement and dampening.


For an exciting type of dog, the game as training is not appropriate; In a fun atmosphere, they will learn nothing. You should put them in discipline, treat them smoothly and calmly, without raising your voice, without using powerful stimuli to fix the reactions. It should be clearly encouraged and banned.


The movements of the trainer must be slow and calm. With the French Collie Bulldog, success largely depends on the regularity and continuity of training, which should ideally be done daily.


French-sputum bulldog training

In a completely different way, French mines need education and training. Coercion and prohibition should not be very rigid, but rather should be mitigated.


Overloading such a dog with orders and feeding a large number of strong stimuli can trigger the braking reaction when the dog simply refuses to carry out any orders.


The most extreme form of this reaction is the situation when the dog lies on its back and freezes, with all its

appearance: “Do whatever you want, and I will not budge from anything!”


In this case, to continue training does not make sense. In working with such dogs, the coach needs softness, attention,

tact, and experience. It is necessary to monitor the dog’s position and his reaction to coercion.


Providing the French student with phlegm helps in learning by identifying easy tasks for him and increasing his

encouragement after each successfully completed task. This type of training prevents the dog. It should be noted that

among the French bulldogs there are many dogs phlegm.


It is best to train this type of dog alone, as it is very sensitive to being transported to the hands of others, even for

a period of time.


The unfamiliar coach is difficult to establish contact with. At the same time, an interesting observation was noted that

persons with sputum are better trained to associate with cholinergic persons, especially in adulthood.


Train the French Bulldog on optimism and sorrow

Opposites in their ability to train between dogs are upbeat and upset. Sanguine can be taught in almost any way, they

quickly understand what is required of them. They respond adequately to coercion, do not prevent or divert

attention from external stimuli.


It is easy and quick to train such dogs, and with them, you can take, besides the main training, several special courses

for dogs.


But not all French bulldogs belong to this flexible species, one can say that such bulldogs are obedient and problem-

free is rather an exception to the rule.


The most difficult kind of nervous activity is depression. He does not like everything, he always feels sad and longing,

unless he is here before carrying out some orders there.

It is very difficult to care about such a dog in training, and the chance for success is only if the bulldog is strongly

attached to its owner. Then he executes orders to praise and encourage him.


But again, depression is very difficult to predict, and even small torrential rains can hold it up. Although belonging to

a certain type of nervous activity, any dog can be trained in a set of basic commands.

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