Information about Feed pit bulldogs

Information about Feed pit bulldogs


Information about Feed the pit bulldogs, of all dog breeds, few have acquired a negative stereotype as violent, as is

the case with pit bulldogs, but the fact of the matter is that this is an unfair and inaccurate description of a breed that

may be very affectionate and kind, especially if done I brought it up properly since it was a minor result.

Information about Feed the pitbull dogs

Information about Feed the pit bulldogs

Caring for a pit bull puppy is like caring for other breeds; That is, you need to feed, raise, and train him to be a “good

citizen in the world of dogs”, French Bulldog Food.


Information about Feed pit bulldogs

Feeding pit bulldogs from the age of three months to six months consist of three complete meals:


Breakfast :

Whisk four eggs with a quarter of a kilo of low-fat milk diluted with warm water, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and 4

tablespoons of sugar.


Lunch :

A kilogram of the boiled liver, either buffalo or beef, with 200 grams of vegetables and a cup of rice and add olive oil.



8 tablespoons of beans + a boiled egg and a loaf of bread is added.


Feed the pit bull dog from six months to a year

The dog gets two meals a day:


Breakfast :

Eight boiled or scrambled eggs + three pieces of triangular cheese + a quarter of milk diluted with water + a loaf of

local bread can be added.


Lunch :

Half a kilo of boiled liver or meat + 400 grams of mixed vegetables + rice.


Feed the pit bull year old


The dog gets only one meal:

A kilogram of boiled meat or liver, taking into account the provision of vegetables and adding large bones, not broken

or cooked, to help grow teeth and jaw muscles.


Eating should not be hot or cold from the refrigerator in order to maintain the dog’s stomach, and the bones should

not be placed for a young puppy.


Feed the pit bulldogs

The food should be lukewarm when served to pit bull dogs because hot food greatly harms their stomach, and they

avoid bones or thorns in small dog food, so as not to have internal wounds, while large dogs are placed with bones to

help them grow teeth and grow jaw muscles naturally.


Pit bull dogs ’need for food depends on their ages. The breakfast meal of Pit bulldogs is from 3 to 6 months. They are

4 eggs beaten with a quarter kilogram of low-fat milk diluted with water. Do not forget to add 1 tablespoon of olive oil

and 4 spoons of sugar. As for lunch It consists of half a kilo of the boiled beef liver with 200 grams of vegetables, and

do not forget to serve this meal with rice boiled in olive oil, and the dinner meal consists of living, boiled egg and 8

spoonfuls of beans.


feeding pit bulldogs

As for feeding pit bulldogs from the age of 6 months to a year, it consists of 5 boiled or scrambled eggs, a loaf of bread,

three pieces of cheese and a quarter of a kilo of milk diluted in breakfast, and half a kilo of meat or boiled liver with

400 grams of vegetables and a loaf of bread at lunch, and is done Double this amount for dogs older than a year.


How to breed pit bull dogs

There are a set of criteria that must be taken into consideration when thinking about raising fierce pit bulldogs. The

most important of these criteria is the purchase of pit bull dogs at a very young age, in order to facilitate their training

in obedience and control of their ferocity, and training them in guarding, and because training needs a great time, it is

preferable to start With a dog from a young age, do not forget to encourage the dog whenever he passes a stage of his



Being patient is one of the necessary things that you should pay attention to when raising and teaching pit bulldogs,

and avoid completely hitting the dog during training so that you can get a loyal and obedient dog.

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