Border Collie Dog Food

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Border Collie Dog Food


Border Collie Dog Food, the Border Collie dog is very active so be sure to play with him and train him on a daily basis.


In general, we recommend that you pay attention to feeding dogs with the best types of food, whether high-quality dog ​​food or dog food without any harmful additions such as spices or bones.

Border Collie Dog Food

Border Collie Dog Food

You should also take care of feeding dogs according to their age, as small dogs cannot eat the same amount of food provided to large dogs, as the amount of food varies according to the breed.


Border Collie is one of the medium-sized dogs that have a graceful muscular body and amazing abilities that have made it one of the most famous dogs in the world, Border Collie Dog Breed Information.


She possesses a mixture of her beloved appearance, with her almond eyes, long hair, and attractive colors, with her high ability to adapt to various conditions.


The Border Collie dogs breed is characterized by amazing grace and is also very smart as it is one of the smartest types of dogs, so it can do many different tasks as it is a wonderful home companion.


Physical features for Border Collie dogs

It has a medium body and an average weight, so it is very light in motion, as well as it has a high average age where it lives more than 12 years on average


Male Border Collie length: 48 cm to 56 cm.


Male Collard Collie weight: 16 and a half to 22 and a half kilograms.


Length of a Female Border Collie dog: 44 cm to 52 cm.


Weight of female Border Collie dogs: 13 kg and a half to 18 kg.


How to care for a Border Collie dogs

Because of her long hair, always take care of combing your dog’s Border Collie breed two or three times a week, and you should trim the hair as it lengths to avoid causing health problems.

This dog should be bathed every month at least, in order to cleanse afoul of any dirt that may be associated with it, and you should always examine the skin to make sure that there is no infection.

Due to the activity of this breed, you should pay attention to walking your dog once a day, or playing continuously for half an hour at home or in your garden.

The Border Collie breed will not tolerate sitting at home without doing anything, so this breed is not suitable for busy people or who do not have enough time to take care of the dog on a daily basis.

Because of her extreme intelligence, training Border Collie dogs needs some attention, but at the same time, she will be able to learn quickly especially at a young age.

All dog breeds should get dog vaccinations on time, and medication to prevent dog ticks and dog worms must be given regularly.


Health problems of Border Collie dogs

Like most active strains, it is vulnerable to some diseases such as:


Thigh joint deformity: So take care of your dog and get dogs from trusted people, and do not resort to popular dog markets.


Eye problems: Genetically this strain has Eye Anomaly disease, so make sure to check your dog’s eyes regularly


Epilepsy: Most small and medium-sized breeds develop epilepsy, so as we have said, take care of your dog from reliable places and pay attention to examining the dog periodically.


Is Border Collie dog suitable for children?

Like most medium-sized dogs it is suitable for children, but in general, we do not recommend leaving children under ten with the dog alone without guidance.


Interested in teaching your children how to deal with dogs and not cruelty to them and expect their reactions so that no harm happens.

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