Train the dog to walk with a chain

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Train the dog to walk with a chain


Train the dog to walk with a chain, how to train dogs to walk beside you may be one of the challenges you face in training your dog. We show you the steps in detail especially in how to prevent your dog from pulling the chain bound.


Usually, dogs need a good friend and expert in raising them, as they go with him on a picnic and he pulls them appropriately so that it prevents them from pulling and tightening the chain that is tied to them while walking.

Train the dog to walk with a chain

Train the dog to walk with a chain

To be able to do this, you must have skills that enable you to understand the behavior of the dog and make him walk beside you without any problem while walking.


Dog trainers see that if the dog is walking well next to its owner and is bound smoothly, then this is evidence that the dog cares for its owner and loves him, and therefore it will be easy for the dog owner to then direct him and go with him anywhere easily.


There are many dangers during a chain pulling dog that occur daily and we hear about it everywhere. It is possible that the dog is separated from its owner or any harm is caused while walking.


Although pulling a dog with a chain is one of the important things that protects the dog from potential hazards while traveling and reduces walking time, this requires very high skills.


Dog experts and trainers say the chain or rope with which we drive dogs is one of the most important things that allow us to walk with dogs over long distances quickly while providing comfort and enjoyment to the dog while roaming.


Train the dog to walk with a chain

Whether your dog is small or large, you will need to improve his walking ability.


So today, we will offer you 6 effective ways to improve the style of walking and pulling the chain smoothly and conveniently:


1- Be sure to control and regulate your situation:

First, you have to ask yourself: What would I love my dog ​​to do instead of tightening the chain?


Instead of teaching the dog to stop pulling the chain, you should teach him to walk right next to you.


Training a dog to walk in the chain ensures hours of walking with your dog safely and without any problems.


2- Remember to give the dog rewards:

One of the easiest and most effective ways to teach a dog the correct walking behavior is to give the dog various rewards when he walks right around you when you go out for walks.


The dog will practice walking well and it will be a really enjoyable and rewarding experience because you will spend less time pulling the dog behind you.


On the contrary, you will notice that your dog seeks to walk alongside you to receive delicious rewards.


What rewards can you give your dog?


There are many rewards that you can count on and give to your dog to follow the correct walking method.


The most important of these are small boiled chicken pieces or roast beef and other delicious and useful foods

sold in pet stores.


Bonuses will help you get the dog’s attention and attention.


3- Play with your dog “Follow Me” game

You can play a game Follow Me With Your Dog by stepping away from it and inviting him to approach you, and

when the dog approaches and responds to you, immediately reward him for that.


What is the benefit of a game Follow Me?


This game helps to attract the dog’s attention, focuses on what its owner does, and is always keen on moving with it.


When the dog responds to you, approaches you and rewards it, repeat it again, and move away from it a few steps

in another direction and reward it again when it responds to you.


Make sure to repeat it 12 times until the dog gets used to responding to you and comes actively to you.


Repeating the word 12 times in front of the dog helps him understand it and associate it with a specific verb.

Always keep this with your dog.


4- Regular walking practice:

When you start walking and your dog starts doing this with you, reward him immediately for that, especially when

he follows you and walks beside you, as the reward is an effective treatment for him.


5- Reward the dog in good situations:

Experts and specialists say that rewarding the dog frequently helps him understand the behavior you want him

to follow, making it easier for him to learn.


One of the most important things that help the dog understand what you want is the rewards.


As it is necessary for dog owners to maintain the rate of reinforcement they provide to the dog, provided that

this reinforcement is rewarding and appropriate for it.


Over time, you can gradually reduce the reinforcement so the dog can do what is required of it without getting

a reward or reinforcement.


6- Providing additional assistance to the dog:

If the dog is responding well, provide additional aids to help him move and respond to you easily.


This is done by purchasing a special rope to attract the pets, which will be placed forward, for more control,

while walking.


Remember, training a dog to chain walk is a skill that takes a lot of time and practice for all pets.


So be sure to train the dog and give him extra rewards and assistance so that he can do this easily.

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