How to deal with scared cats

How to deal with scared cats


How to deal with scared cats When you bring a new cat to your home, it is normal for the cat to feel fear and shame and not approach family members for a while, some new cat breeders marvel at this behavior.

How to deal with scared cats

How to deal with scared cats

But you should know that the fearful cats at the beginning of their entry into the house are very natural, the cat is a shy creature and sanctifies its privacy, and does not rush towards strangers quickly unlike dogs.


How to deal with scared cats on your first day with them

You have to prepare a safe and quiet place for the cat on her first day at home, choose a comfortable house, and make the entrance to that house facing the wall or hidden under one of the cupboards or tables. In order for your cat to feel some independence, he needs in his first days in your home.


Place food and water dishes next to the cat house, because the cat is in the exploration stage and will need to eat. At that time, he must know where to eat easily so that he will not become hungry, which may affect his psyche and make him delay in adapting to the new home.


Do you have young children?

Feared cats consider children their enemies in their first days in any new place, due to the extreme curiosity that children may disturb the cat and make him feel uncomfortable. So you have to control young children and make them aware of how to deal with scared cats and tell them that the cat needs some time and that they have to wait until they get used to their place.


You should also prepare a litter box near the cat, but do not place it near food dishes. The cat will need to use it at some point so it must find it as close as possible.


If you have other animals, it is best to isolate them from the newcomer to your home. Until he gets used to the general atmosphere, then gradually introduce them to each other so that he does not get alienated, which increases the fear of the new cat from home.


Cat breeding

Cats at the beginning of their entry into your home will begin to hide, this is very natural and you do not have to

search for them and eavesdrop on them. Leave the cat in the exploration phase, which will take hours and maybe

a few days, and then you will find it by himself. He has started wooing you, breaking into your privacy and inviting

you to play when he feels comfortable in his new home.


scared cats begin to approach you and explore the ocean, do not rush to get close to them, leave them with

an opportunity to get used to you and then start fondling them and dialogue with them so that you can break the

awe they feel. Over time, you will find that things are getting better and you can easily deal with them.

When you start dealing with cats and the shyness of them ceases, you must take care of their health and

cleanliness permanently, and you should know the dates of vaccinations for cats because they will save you

a lot of health problems that may appear on cats. You should always consult your veterinarian or go to the

nearest veterinary unit so that you know how to care for cats in all conditions to provide a decent life for them.

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