What do young cats eat?

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What do young cats eat?


What do young cats eat? During the first eight weeks of a kitten or kitten’s life, the mother’s cat’s milk is

considered the best food for kittens, and then it’s time to introduce specially formulated nutritional foods for

cats and the first year of a kitten’s life is characterized by rapid growth, and during This time, proper nutrition

is vital to the development of the kitten, and the formulated nutrients include balanced levels of nutrients that

are safe for the delicate kitten’s stomachs, Do cats need gluten-free food?.

What do young cats eat

What do young cats eat

Why is it important to feed kittens with their own food?

Small cats that are less than a year should be fed with their own food, because you may have one or more adult

cats and think that their formulated food may be more comfortable and appropriate for small cats, but then you

may sacrifice the nutrients that the kitten needs.


Small cats have small stomachs, so they tend to pick up a few small pieces, and rarely eat a full meal in one sitting.

Combining the habit of eating and growing the kitten is important in the first year of its development, and it is easy

to see why the kitten needs food The jewelry is loaded with the perfect nutrients in each piece.


Small cat food features

Small cat food is different from food for adult cats because it contains a high percentage of fat and protein,



Proteins are necessary for the growth of healthy muscle tissue and cartilage, and kittens getting a lot of protein

in their years in which they build the body may actually help the kitten to avoid painful degradation later in life.

Fats :

Fats like the omega-3 amino acids are necessary to transfer fat-soluble vitamins to your kitten, and fats provide

extra energy and the kitten needs to be energetic and energetic as it passes during this year of rapid growth.



Minerals promote strong teeth and bone growth, as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium are crucial to the

development of your kitten.


Is Cat food wet or dry?

For years, people believed that traditional nutrition, which is the dry nutritional formula, is better for cats because

it helps the kitten to brush its teeth while eating food. Perhaps this may offer the kitten some benefits to the teeth.

The truth is that dry cat food contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, which is the age. The contributor to

obesity in cats, especially if the cat is food-loving, like many cats.


For comparison, the food formulated wet for high-quality cats is equally divided between fats and protein, and with

the correct ratio between vitamins and minerals in this mixture, this is the closest natural diet for cats you get in the

wild, as it is digested very efficiently.


There is contradictory information still on whether dry food really helps prevent dental disease more than wet food,

dry food is often prescribed as a method of brushing teeth, however, reports indicate that most cats do not grind or

chew dry food sufficient to clean their teeth effectively In addition, carbohydrate residues on the teeth from dry food

can contribute to tooth decay.

But which is better dry or wet food? This is your choice, but perhaps it would be better to have a little of both types,

and dry food for the kitten throughout the day with wet flour inserted in its meal in the evening, and whether the

food is wet or dry it will help your kitten to grow into a cat Slim and strong.

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