What do small dogs eat?

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What do small dogs eat?


What do small dogs eat, Beneficial foods for dogs important information about nutrition, where the question of

what do dogs eat is one of the important questions that dog lovers and dogs especially ask those who raise dogs for

the first time or who want to acquire a dog and want to know information about eating it before buying it. Come to

us in this matter to get to know On the different types of dog food, what to feed, and what is prohibited.

What do small dogs eat?

What do small dogs eat

Food sold in supermarkets and dog and cat food stores: – Many dog ​​breeders seek to buy this type of food, which

is food that is sold in bags and is considered less in price than other dog food, so the breeder prefers it.


food for dog

It also has the advantage that it can be kept for long periods, and this type also has the advantage of being easy to

chew and thus preserves the dog’s teeth because it does not have sediments that form around the dog’s teeth and

are harmful to his health and it is preferable to read the instructions on the packaging to find out whether they are

suitable or not, as well as the validity date of the product And store it at any temperature if we keep it for long



Eating canned liquid, wet and not dry


This type is also sold in animal shops or in supermarkets, shops, and groceries, but unlike dry food, it is very

expensive, and there are many types of it, but it does not contain the necessary protein that the dog needs.


dog food

It contains a high percentage of water and a high percentage of water is at the expense of other foodstuffs so food

enters the dog’s intestine and goes out with little benefit, and therefore the dog eats a greater amount of it, but this

the type has the advantage that its shelf life is large so it is preferred by the breeder at travel times in Places where

dog food is not available.


Meat-like foods

food dog also sold in large commercial stores and it is similar in shape to cut meat or burger discs, but of course, it is

added to the manufactured materials and different flavors in order to give it a distinctive taste, but it does not

depend on it to feed dogs consistently as it is considered a recreational meal for the dog such as the reward for

example and not for permanent and sound feeding.

Fresh uncooked food

This food is one of the foods that are brought at home and mostly it is fresh raw meat and because the intestines of

dogs are relatively short and contain strong acids that can digest this quality so it is considered one of the favorite

foods in addition to the fact that the bones and flesh are very useful for dogs that are a rich source of phosphorus

And calcium, and also this food is useful for all types of dogs and is not limited to a specific type.



Dogs need diversity in foods to provide their bodies with different nutritional values. Examples of vegetables that

he prefers and fit for dogs are the following:


Green Peas :

an important source of protein and vitamins that help dogs perform their vital functions and build muscle.


carrots :

food important that contains a high percentage of fiber and vitamins and is also one of the beneficial foods for

dogs that suffer from obesity or obesity something, in addition to that the carrots strengthen the jaw muscles and

teeth of dogs and prepare a snack to feed the dog.

sweet potato :

It is an allowable food for dogs that is useful in strengthening teeth and should be served without any additives or


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