Benefits of dry food for cats

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Benefits of dry food for cats


Benefits of dry food for cats, dry cat food or dry food has become the primary source for all kinds of domestic cat

meals, as many cat breeders, dogs, and pets in general resort to dry food because it is easy to prepare and can be

bought at any time and served to cats and dogs.

Benefits of dry food for cats

Benefits of dry food for cats

But recently a lot of problems began to appear on pets and cat breeders began to wonder what are the benefits

and harms of dry food, and should some precautions be taken in providing these meals or stop using dry food?

We provide you with a summary of the benefits and harms of dry food for domestic cats in detail


Benefits of dry food in domestic cat food:

1 – Dry food or dry food helps cat breeders in determining the appropriate amount that must be provided to cats

in specific meals, as the known types of dry food explain in detail how to provide meals for cats and the quantities

appropriate for the age and weight of cats, as it does not leave cat breeders baffled about the amount The foods

that cats need.


2 – Dry food is characterized by its great diversity, in terms of flavors and ingredients that make cats love it and

do not reject it, because cat breeders always face the problem of cats refusing to eat food, and cat breeders are

very confused with cats in providing the appropriate food for them, this problem was solved by food Dry because

of the variety of ingredients that make cats love and accept them easily


3 – We mention another benefit of dry food that it contains many vitamins and minerals beneficial to the health of

cats because home food sometimes does not provide all the vitamins that the cat’s body needs to grow in its various

stages of life. These vitamins that are available in (dry) food or dry food for cats help cats to maintain their health

and keep us beautiful cats loved us in the best case.

4 – The last benefits of dry food that we mention to you is its availability in abundance and for different needs. There

is dry food for pregnant cats and dry food for small cats. These variations cater to the cat breeder’s needs and greatly

facilitate their cat care.


Dry food is harmful to domestic cat food

In spite of its benefits that we clarified, but the dry food has some damages that may harm the health of your pet,

which we must pay attention to and take into account


1- One of the damages of dry food is that it may cause diseases such as the acidity of the cat’s stomach because the

components of dry food cause this in the long run. Acidity can harm a cat’s health and cause serious complications if

he is not paid attention to. Dry food may cause diarrhea in some cats and may cause persistent vomiting as well, all of

which are harms from dry food that experienced long-term cat breeders may notice.


2- The negative aspects of feeding cats with dry food are also the possibility of cats retaining urine or bladder

infections, and in serious and advanced cases the kidneys may cause complete kidney failure due to the formation of

kidney stones. Dealing with it in the long term or taking it out of the body. At the time, your cat may need a catheter

to get rid of excess urine in the body and get rid of urinary retention.

3- One of the disadvantages of dry cat food is the prevalence of unidentified species, which causes many other

diseases because they do not obtain the necessary licenses. Because of the demand of many for dry cat food, many

unknown parties resorted to producing many types of dry food that are cheap and harmful to the cat’s health and

may lead to death.

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