How do you know what cats want?

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How do you know what cats want?


How do you know what cats want? How do I know if a cat is hungry? Tell me how to talk to cats and

understand the language of cats? And other questions about how you know what cats want from you, and

we will show you this in simple ways.

How do you know what cats want

How do you know what cats want

Breed Cats are smart and social animals that were friendly to humans hundreds of years ago, though there

are still many secrets that surround these beautiful creatures and the way they deal with humans.

Breed Cat

Experts affirm that cats are fully aware that we are large, larger, and stronger creatures than they are, but they

do not deal with us in particular or in a specific way. Cats wipe us and lick us and play with us just as they do with

each other so scientists see that they do not deal with us as separate creatures that have a special nature It out.


Also, the behavior of cats in this way indicates that they see us as part of their world and they treat us with

affection and love.


How do you know what cats want?

Cats have their own communication system, which is summarized in body movements, distinct meow, the

language of the eyes, tail, and ears, and the distinctive purring sound of cats that you use in many situations.


Also, each cat has some completely different ways of communicating that distinguish it from others, for example,

there are some cats that welcome strangers easily and interact with them without limits.


While there are some other cats that do not like strangers and do not familiarize themselves with them easily and

hide in the flanks of the house until they empty the visitors and start to appear and play with their owners only.


Therefore, to answer the question of how you know what cats want, you need to understand each cat independently

and understand the way she communicates and interacts with her environment, and thus you will easily realize what

she wants in different situations and what she means by her unique and unique ways of interacting.


Why cats do water when they are alone in the room?

How many times have you noticed that your cat is blowing loudly while she is in a room, then she starts

wandering until she sees you and calms down and begins to wipe at you and play with you?


Cats are smart and you can study your reactions based on their different behaviors, so when you make

a disturbing sound distinctively, they are sure of your reaction and how you respond to it.


Cats usually water in a loud voice when they want to eat or when they feel lonely, depending on the way they

meow and how it behaves immediately after the meow.


How do I know that a cat is hungry?

As we have explained, the meow is the primary means for cats to express their basic needs. Cats do water if they

are hungry, do water if they feel lonely, and do water if they suffer from pain.


When the cat feels hungry, you will notice that it is watering while it is standing in front of you looking at you and

following the movements of your different hands, and whenever you move your hands you will notice that it is

following your hands by looking.


Cats do this because they used to use your hands to bring food and serve them, especially when they were young,

so your hands are the main source of food for them.


Therefore, if your cat is watery, and when she finds you in front of her, she continues to go in and look at your

hands and follows her in her eyes, you should know that the cat is hungry or thirsty and wants you to provide food

and water for her.


Why do cats deal differently with family members?

Because of the cat’s superior intelligence, she knows very well how each person behaves with her, and she has

a strong memory especially regarding the negative memory of cats.


So cats remember and associate negative and frightful situations that occur from some people.


For example, if a child attracts the cat’s tail, it will automatically find the cat hiding from the children and

escaping from them, or it may attack them randomly because it has a negative memory about them.


It also has a positive memory, the cats know which of their owners at home will wake up at four in the morning

if they wake up and will play with them or provide them with delicious food, and accordingly behave differently

with them.


So never underestimate the intelligence of cats and the way they behave accordingly.


Is it easy to train cats in different movements?

Yes, you can do this, especially you can train cats on certain things and avoid them, for example, you can train

your cat not to jump on the table or not to mess around somewhere in your home.


For example, you can use sprinkler water that works automatically when you approach it and put it in places that

you do not want the cat to approach, and you will notice that the cats avoid them completely.


But be careful not to use this technique yourself, because it will link her negative experiences with you and in

In this case, she will avoid you completely.

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