What is forbidden food for dogs?

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What is forbidden food for dogs?

Forbidden food for dogs, when reviewing the list of forbidden food for dogs, you may be surprised because

you will find that you feed your dog harmful foods all the time, forbidden food for dogs is very much.


Man differs in his food from animals, for God created each of the different composition and needs, and

dogs need special care and special foods to be provided so that they can obtain energy, activity, and health.

What is forbidden food for dogs

What is forbidden food for dogs

The foods that dogs need are different from those that humans need to eat.


For example, A person can eat milk without causing any health problems for him. As for dogs, it is possible

for milk to cause major health problems that may lead to death.


So in this article, we give you a list of foods harmful to dogs. We will not mention all foods, of course, but here

we mention the most harmful to the health of dogs.


In the event that he ate any meal forbidden food for dogs, treat him quickly, and contact the veterinarian.


What is forbidden food for dogs? List of harmful foods for dogs

Chocolate of all kinds is harmful to dogs

Chocolate negatively affects dogs because it contains a large number of calories that harm dogs and cause

them many diseases and serious symptoms on the health of your dog.


Chocolate is forbidden

Chocolate is forbidden from eating for dogs because it causes symptoms such as vomiting, pain, dehydration,

and rapid heartbeat with increased temperature in the dog. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to provide chocolate

to dogs and it is strictly forbidden to provide any kind of sweets to them.

Milk and cheese of all kinds are harmful to dogs

Milk contains a group of enzymes that the dog’s stomach cannot digest at all, causing it to diarrhea and

persistent vomiting.


Milk also infects dogs with very dangerous bacteria, and the same applies to cheese that the dog cannot digest

of all kinds.


Therefore, stop providing milk to dogs, especially if they notice diarrhea or stomach problems and digestion.

The alternative to human milk is dog milk, which is lactose-free milk, which resembles human milk for children.


Never feed your dog onions

Onions are harmful food for dogs, as onions cause damage to red blood cells in dogs’ blood.

It also causes a general weakness in their bodies, with their ability to move significantly.


Therefore, it is forbidden to provide onions to dogs, so it does not require a blood transfusion for a dog who

suffers damage to his red blood cells.


Onions are included in all foods cooked at home and fast food foods such as shawarma and others.


You will always notice your dog vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and perhaps more than that when eating any meals

that contain onions.

Nuts and their harm to the health of dogs

Nuts are considered one of the most dangerous foods for a dog, as it causes him to be unable to move with

depression and entering a bad psychological state, in addition to the dog’s temperature dropping significantly.


If you mistakenly feed your dog, you should immediately go to the nearest veterinary clinic for treatment.


Garlic and its effects on dogs

Garlic is one of the most beneficial vegetables for humans. But is garlic harmful to dogs?

The answer is yes .. garlic is considered poison for dogs because of its destruction of red blood cells in addition

to the fact that it changes the color of urine and makes it take an orange color.


Fruits that are harmful to dogs


are completely forbidden from eating dogs, as they have severe effects on your dog’s health.


Grapes affect the kidneys and cause the dog kidney failure and many symptoms that indicate disease, such

as vomiting and diarrhea, with the dog losing appetite and its ability to eat normally.


Dog death usually occurs within a few days if grapes are ingested in large quantities.


Avocado is no less dangerous than the rest of the foods we mentioned for dogs, as it causes shortness of breath

with a lot of disturbances to the dog along with the accumulation of water in the dog’s chest, which leads to his

death quickly.



Apples are also included in foods that are not recommended for dogs, as apples can cause dogs to coma in

addition to causing them to shorten their breathing process.

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