Feeding cats suffering from diarrhea

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Feeding cats suffering from diarrhea

Feeding cats suffering from diarrhea, because of the difficulty in digesting fats, veterinarians always

recommend avoiding them in diets feeding cats suffering from diarrhea, but what is the alternative for

your cat to help with diarrhea?

Feeding cats suffering from diarrhea

Feeding cats suffering from diarrhea

So it is not surprising that many of the recommended diets for cats with digestive disorders are relatively low in fat.

Feeding cats suffering from diarrhea:

Do foods rich in fats cause increased diarrhea in cats?

According to experience, it appears that fats do not have much effect in treating chronic diarrhea in cats.

So why does this study improve cats that eat both high and low-fat diets?


  • The reason for this was that both high and low-fat diets were easy to digest.
  • Digestion is a term that is frequently used in pet feeding, but its actual meaning is not always well understood.
  • Simply put, the portion of food that is digestible is absorbed by the body.
  • The indigestible parts of the diet are eliminated from the body in the stool.

Pet food manufacturers can put a number to digest through nutrition experiments. For example, if a cat

eats 50 grams of food per day and exits 5 grams of feces daily, it absorbs 45 grams of food in its body.


Of course, this percentage is very good, because it means that the food was 90% easy to digest.


So the next time when your cat has chronic diarrhea, you should look for foods that contain easily digestible

ingredients regardless of the percentage of fat in them.


Since not tiring your cat’s stomach will not cause irritation, which occurs diarrhea greatly.


An exciting experience for cats suffering from diarrhea

In order to treat diarrhea in cats, scientists always try to find out what are the causes that increase or develop

some diseases, and from these diseases are diarrhea in animals, especially cats, so they conducted this unique



The scientists divided 60 cats suffering from chronic diarrhea into two groups.


One group was fed with a low-fat diet (24% of calories) while the other group consumed a high-fat diet

(45% of calories) for six weeks.


During this period, kittens continued to form cat feces. They used a pictorial stool from 0 to 100.

Since 0 means that diarrhea is very watery, while 100 means dry and hard.

According to the researchers, the result was as follows:

1- Significantly improved fecal matter in dozens of cats, and 78.2% of cats improved by at least 25 points on a scale of 100 points or the final stool score of at least 66.

2- More than a third of cats have had normal feces. There were no differences in the recovery response for different diets. An improvement was observed within the first week and a significant development within 3 weeks.

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