Important facilities before having a dog at home

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Important facilities before having a dog at home


Important facilities before having a dog at home, when family members decide to have a dog at home, there

are a lot of facilities and things that they must do in preparation for receiving the new guest.

Important facilities before having a dog at home

Important facilities before having a dog at home

This equipment is one of the most important steps to take before purchasing a new dog.

Preparing the house and preparing the dog’s needs is an important step because it will give the dog comfort,

confidence and love for the household members, as it will result in many things.


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In this article, we will talk about ways to prepare before a dog is acquired at home and what to do when the dog

first comes home.


Important facilities before having a dog at home

Raising dogs at home is one of the things that need a lot of arrangements and equipment

Initially, it can be very difficult in many steps. Where you have to take care of the dog for several months in

order to get used to the exercises and get used to the home system.


But although it was difficult in the beginning, it has a lot of positive aspects

Dog breeding is one of the things that many people find most enjoyable and they forget their efforts

in training and caring for dogs.


The steps to take before you can have a dog at home are as follows:

1- all family members must be mentally and mentally receptive, it is not necessary to buy a dog and there is

a family member who refuses to do so and does not like to deal with dogs so that the dog does not feel anxious

and upset due to abuse.


2 – All members of the family must be aware of what the dog needs and realize that it takes a lot of effort to

start in order for the dog’s personality to be formed and properly evaluated.


3- All family members should be careful to read information about dogs, their needs, and ways to take care

of them in a manner that is appropriate to their breed and personality. Read about the different dog breeds here.


4- A sleeping place for the dog should be prepared, and it is advisable to make a bed for him or a wooden house

in the garden. The dog should also be trained to sit in his crate or house. Read more about dog cage training here.


5- Must be equipped with games for the dog and equip different rewards to ensure the speed of the dog learns

to perform various exercises or to ensure his ability to do the tasks requested by family members.


7 prefers that the dog be brought home at a time when all family members are in the house, bearing in mind

that this is at the time of your vacation.


9 – The dog must be brought to the home in the evening or in the morning in order to give the dog the

opportunity to adapt to the place and deal with all family members and get used to them, and you must sit

with him to remove the fear of the place.


10- All toiletries for the dog must be prepared.


What happens when the new dog first comes home

The reaction of each dog differs when entering the home of its owner for the first time. There are types of dogs

that have excessive activity so they run, play, and explore the place, while others resort to hiding and isolation

as soon as they arrive at a new home.


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So you should monitor your dog’s behavior and not break into his privacy in the first moments of your arrival.

If the dog wants to hide, prepare him for the space around him and leave him until he starts to go out and explore

on his own and begin to draw closer to you.


After your dog gets used to the house, don’t think it is the end.


You should know that it is normal for a dog to fulfill his needs when entering the house for the first time

anywhere. The dog at this young age cannot control the output muscles for more than two hours.


So be prepared for that and be patient when owning a new dog at home.


You should not take any violent reaction until the dog does not feel intimidated and uncomfortable. Rather,

the dog should be completely left to do what he likes in order to get used to the new location.

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