Information on Birman cat breed

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Information on Birman cat breed

Information on the Birman cat breed, the Birman Cat breed finds that we call it the breed of mystery cats and

legends. In this article, we will provide you with information about Birman cats, the most famous colors, types,

and ways of caring for it.

Information on Birman cat breed

Information on Birman cat breed

Birman cats are colorful cats with long silky hair and four pure white feet.


Its structure is often characterized by strength, in addition to being slightly full-body and very distinctive head

with strong jaws and a nose of medium length in proportion to the size of the head.


The Birman has almost mid-length ears and is rounded at the edge.


The Birman cat breed has very attractive blue eyes with which to express its feelings. It is considered one of

the most beautiful breeds of cats with blue eyes


It is distinguished by a golden-white color with some dark spots on the face, tail, and ear.


History and origins of the Birman cat breed

According to legends several centuries ago, pure white cats were housed in Buddhist temples in the country of

Burma (now Myanmar), and people often respected and frequently sanctified the Burman cat and considered

it the bearer of priests’ souls.


In one of the Buddhist temples, a statue called “Tsim Kian-ksi”, a symbol of transformation was worshiped as

a golden statue with glowing sapphire eyes.


Birman cat

There was a priest called “Moon Ha” serving the statue and he was accompanied by a cat called “Sin”, which is

one of the hundred sacred white cats that lived in the temple, and he was joining Moon Ha in his evening prayers

in front of the golden statue.

This Legend has it that one day a group of thieves entered the temple, whose goal was to seize the temple’s fortunes,

and they killed the priest “Moon Ha”.


cat breed

While the priest was dying, his cat placed his “sins” on his paws at the head of Moon Ha. He faced the statue

of “Tsim Cyan Xi”. Suddenly, the white “sin” furs changed to a beautiful golden color, and his face and tail turned

to a dark color, and his eyes changed from yellow to deep sapphire blue.


However, Sinh’s feet remained white as a symbol of Moon Ha’s pure soul. And the next morning, all the cats in

the temple underwent the same transformation. For the next seven days, Sinh refused all food and died, carrying

Moon Ha’s soul to heaven.


This was the unreal truth and not without suspense and pleasure.


The character of the Birman cat and its features

The Birman cat is your best friend and companion … You can make him your closest friend and you will not regret it.

He is a very affectionate, gentle, and loyal cat for his family and companions.


This Cat has a very beautiful, kind, and loving personality, he loves caring and playing with him.


The Birman cat is also characterized by a very high degree of intelligence as well as tenderness. As many people

say, it is an inquisitive and intelligent cat.


Usually, a Birman cat is easy to handle and care for, it is the perfect cat for anyone who wants a quiet companion

and offers them love and affection.

Is Berman the naughty cat?

Birman’s cat is known to be calm, often obedient and spontaneous, and loves to spend a long time at home.

It also creates strong relationships and ties with its owner and is said to be good with other pets.


The degree of activity of the Birman cat is not very high.

The cat needs daily combing since the Birman cat’s hair is thick and soft, so it must be combed daily so

that its appearance is always beautiful.


This breed is very obedient to its owners and families, it is very easy to obey your orders.


If you want to have a cat that is not aggressive and loves people, then Birman Cat is the perfect cat. Birman is

a very loyal creature and attached to all family members. It has a soft sound that reflects the impressionable

animal’s impression.

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