7 foods that your cat should not provide

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7 foods that your cat should not provide

7 foods that your cat should not provide, although cats are sometimes a nuisance to their owners they are

thin creatures that deserve care and attention.


Cats themselves are a blessing, we must thank God and protect them from all badness, especially when it

comes to foods that cats eat, it is possible that the foods provided to them are dangerous and cause diseases

that we are indispensable for.


Certified veterinary nutritionists say that the main causes of cat disease are the number of proteins and

fats contained in cat food.

7 foods that your cat should not provide

7 foods that your cat should not provide

There are some human foods that are safe for cats, but in small quantities, such as boiled eggs for cats as well

as fish, while there are some foods that should never be served to your cat.


Now we will get to know you 7 foods that should never be served to cats.


Immature fish:

Specialists say totally immature fish or a popular sushi meal is safe for people but it poses many health risks to cats.

Among the most important risks that sushi poses to cats are various digestive disorders and health problems in the nervous system.

As immature fish contain substances that cause the destruction of vitamin B in the cat’s body, the deficiency of this element also causes the cat to suffer from a lot of neurological problems and convulsions.

Onions and garlic for cats:

Onions and garlic are toxic plants for cats and dogs, especially cats, as cats are more susceptible to toxins than garlic and onions than dogs.

Even garlic and small cats can cause significant damage to red blood cells.

It does not matter if the onions are cooked, powdered or raw, all of these methods have the same risk to the health of cats as their stomach does not tolerate these permeable compounds.

Therefore, doctors warn owners of cats not to provide baby food for them in order to open their appetite for food, because these foods may contain onions and cause severe harm to the health of cats.

Boiled eggs for cats and raw eggs:

Boiled eggs for cats are very useful as they contain a lot of proteins contained in them, but cats may suffer

a lot of damage if the eggs are presented uncooked well.

Uncooked eggs may expose them to bacteria and diseases such as salmonella and many other parasites that

can lead to pancreatitis.

Therefore, experts and veterinarians advise the need to provide well-cooked eggs that are useful for cats and to

avoid serving uncooked eggs except in very small quantities.


Bones are very harmful to cats:

Many people give a bone to cats and do not realize that it may cause suffocation as well as diseases of the

digestive system and these bones can also cause cats to have a hole in the intestine.

Doctors advise avoiding doing this completely and not give cats anything that is difficult for their teeth to

chew so as not to break their teeth.

Fatty foods:

Fatty foods can disturb the cats’ digestive system, and eventually lead to pancreatitis.


Caffeinated drinks:

We may find cats eating our favorite coffees or caffeinated substances and soda like soda and tea, but that

poses a great risk to their health.

As a cat consumes a lot of caffeine, it can cause an increased heart rate and a lot of other damage.


In general, the digestive system of cats cannot tolerate the lactose content in milk.

Once cats reach adulthood, they develop diarrhea and many other stomach disorders when they consume milk.

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