How to clean dog teeth at home

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How to clean dog teeth at home

How to clean dog teeth at home, cleaning dog teeth at home is one of the most important steps in caring for

dogs’ health and keeping them safe from diseases. So we will show you steps to easily clean your dog’s teeth.

Cleaning a dog’s teeth is helpful in preserving the dog’s gums and teeth, as well as in keeping the dog’s mouth

odor well.

How to clean dog teeth at home

How to clean dog teeth at home


Important information:

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean from an early age helps to overcome any difficulties that you may face when he

grows up, as dogs sometimes refuse to brush their teeth because they are not used to it.


What are the tools used to clean the dog’s teeth?

To clean a dog’s teeth, use a toothbrush appropriate to the size of the dog’s mouth. It should also be with soft

bristles so as not to cause any damage to the gums or the mouth of the dog.

If your dog is a small family like the Cocker Spaniel or the Griffon dog, use the kid’s toothbrush that we use for

young children.


If your dog is large, like a Golden Retriever or an Akita dog, for example, use an adult toothbrush.

There are also types of dog toothbrushes that are sold in pet stores.

Should I use a special toothpaste for dogs?

The toothpaste for dogs is made to contain dog-friendly flavors such as chicken, meat, and other flavors.

If you do not have a special toothpaste for dogs, do not use human toothpaste because it is very dangerous and

may cause health problems because its ingredients are harmful to the health of dogs.

Go to the nearest pet store in your area and get toothpaste for dogs, as it is a lot better to use.

Steps to clean the dog’s teeth at home

After equipping the dog’s toothbrushes, make sure everything is quiet in your home so that you can do your

work quietly and without disturbing your dog.


The steps are as follows:

1 – Choose the right time: Because the timing of cleaning the dog’s teeth is very important, choose early morning

or evening times. As the perfect calm and not to disturb, especially if it is the first time to clean your dog’s teeth.


2 – Make sure to put the dog: Your dog must be in a comfortable position for him so that you can brush his teeth

without problems. It is best if your dog is sleeping on his side while cleaning. If you notice that your dog is upset

or refuses to brush his teeth, try at another time

3 – Have your dog savor the toothpaste: As we have said, the dog’s toothpaste contains flavors that are lovely

for the dog. Therefore, making him try his taste first will make it quieter and receptive to the cleaning process.


4 – Make sure your dog is ready: Put your finger on your dog’s teeth after lifting the lips and rub the dog’s teeth

with paste and your fingers without the brush, until you notice the dog’s reaction and make him accustomed to

cleaning before using the brush.


5- Test the brush on your dog’s teeth: After applying the dog’s toothpaste to the brush, but the brush on your

dog’s teeth and leave it a little without movement – then start moving it slowly in circular motions and note

your dog’s reaction.


6 – Keep going slowly and calmly: If everything goes well, move the brush slowly and gently against your dog’s

teeth in circular motions. Praise your dog until he knows it is simple and there are no problems.


7 – Try to get inside the teeth: lime and plaque are under the upper and lower lips of the dog on the teeth from

the inside, so try to reach these areas and clean them quietly and gentle without disturbing your dog.


8 – Reward your dog: After you have finished cleaning your dog’s teeth, reward him calmly and at the end of

the matter. This way you will ensure that he will be more cooperative with you next time.


Should your dog’s teeth be cleaned at home daily?

Daily cleaning of dog’s teeth is very helpful in maintaining their health and the health of their teeth.

Therefore, it is preferable to do cleaning on a daily or at least two or three times a week.

In this way, you will ensure that the bacteria do not form inside the dog’s mouth and thus reduce the chance of disease and infection.

Should the teeth be cleaned professionally with the cleaning devices?

Dog cleaning devices are available at the veterinary clinic, and you can go to the clinic or ask a specialist to periodically clean your dog’s teeth at home.

Professional teeth cleaning for dogs by a doctor is necessary at least once every 6 months. According to the dog’s natural routine.

But this does not mean neglecting daily periodic cleaning at home. Because cleaning at home is essentially very important to keep teeth clean.

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