Treating diarrhea in cats

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Treating diarrhea in cats

Treating diarrhea in cats is one of the problems facing cat breeders frequently and they are always

looking for good solutions to them that help relieve cats from the suffering caused by chronic diarrhea.


And sometimes the cat breeder cannot promptly report it to the doctor in order to treat diarrhea for various

reasons, so we present in this report methods.

Treating diarrhea in cats

Treating diarrhea in cats

Treating diarrhea in cats with herbs

Treating diarrhea in cats with medicinal herbs that people sometimes use in treating stomach problems and

diarrhea, but not all, but some types that suit the nature of the cat’s body, such as chamomile, thyme, and mint,

but some cats cannot accept or eat it.


Treating diarrhea in cats requires changing their diet and keeping them away from any foods that contain fats

or substances that increase diarrhea. Some types of cat diarrhea also improve with a low-fiber diet “easy to digest.”


Diarrheal cats need to consume enough water to prevent dehydration, keep the cat’s water containers filled with

fresh and clean water, and add an additional bowl containing diluted chicken or meat broth, and probiotic

foods like yogurt.


Medicines to treat diarrhea in cats

Drugs for treating diarrhea in cats should be chosen according to the cause of diarrhea in cats. In general,

anti-diarrhea medications can be given and the cat’s condition should be monitored constantly.


Anti-diarrheal medications, worms, or probiotics (bacteria that support intestinal health) may be prescribed in

some cases. Metronidazole “Flagyl®” and “Tylan®” are often prescribed anti-diarrheal agents that reduce

intestinal infections that often lead to diarrhea.


Treating newborn cats

Slippery elm is the source of neutral fibers that may work well to relieve bouts of diarrhea in newborn cats.

It works like a natural anti-diarrhea by reducing gastrointestinal inflammation .. Consult your veterinarian for

dosage recommendations.


cats health

The “petcentral” website explained that many pet owners succeed in using other herbal remedies such as mint

or chamomile, and metamucil can be used to help treat diarrhea in newborn cats. Add half a teaspoon of

metamucil to the cat food.


small cat

A small cat with diarrhea needs more water in any way possible. Diarrhea causes the kitten to lose fluid and

this is necessary to help control important physiological functions.


Treating diarrhea in pregnant cats

Treatment of diarrhea in cats in general requires adherence to 4 main steps according to:


Remove all cat food for at least 12 to 24 hours if its condition allows it, and leave water as it is important to

prevent the cat from drying out during severe diarrhea.


After 12 to 24 hours, feed the pregnant cats with a mixture of small amounts of boiled chicken breasts,

dry and skinned, with rice mixture 50:50, alternately.


cat food

An alternative to baby chicken food may be gradually mixed in regular pregnant cat food, which reduces

the amounts of chicken and rice and increases the amounts of regular pregnant cat food, and this diet should

continue until the stool is formed.

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