Best types of cat food

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Best types of cat food

Best types of cat food, we will show you today during our new trip about what cats eat from home food,

special recipes within the topic list of what cats eat from home food, special recipes of the things

that many are searching for in order to prepare healthy food for cats, Where is preparing food at home.


What do cats eat:

Best types of cat food

Best types of cat food

Cats are raised at home, and many people raising cats at home feed them from home food, but they wonder

what cats eat from home food + special recipes prepared at home.


Also, what do cats eat from home food + special recipes are considered important matters for individuals

who raise cats, so that they can give them useful and necessary foods for their growth, in addition to preparing

special recipes for cats that are loved to them.


Red meat:

Red meat is one of the foods that cats prefer most, and red meat must be served roasted, cooked or boiled, and

it can also be served with meat broth or alone.

We can also add some of the mashed potatoes, in order to increase the proportion of potassium in its body, in

addition to its ability to reduce the smell of cat urine at home.


We can also add portions of white fats to meat and serve it to cats because it is one of their favorite foods,

in addition to that these fats are necessary for building the cat’s bodies, so it is needed in daily food.


Cat breeders should also avoid providing raw meat to cats, as raw meat increases their intensity, but there

are a number of cats who do not like to eat meat at all and this type of food does not suit them like Shirazi cats.


Many people provide the liver as food for cats, because cats love this food very much, in addition to being able

to give up very large amounts of the liver that are cooked, and the liver is a major source of supply to the cats with

vitamins and major minerals.


Apples and berries:

Apples contain high levels of vitamins C and fiber, and these vitamins make apples an appropriate food, taking

care to remove its outer peel, and berries contain vitamins A and Vitamin C.


Do cats eat bread?

Some people who care about cats ask: Do cats eat bread ?, And that is a desire of them to provide good food for

cats. Also, the question does cats eat bread is the answer to the possibility that cats eat bread because of its great

benefits in addition to other household foods besides the bread, which are:


the bread:

After baking is an important source of protein and fiber, but care must be taken with the amount that is given to cats, as large amounts of bread cause diarrhea.

White meat:

White meat, such as chicken and fish, as well as rabbits, are among the foods preferred by the majority of cats,

especially chicken and most cats enjoy the cooked, cut, and grilled liver.


White meat is also a major source of supplies to the cats with the calcium they need to build their body, in addition to the fish supplying them with the necessary nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and phosphorous.

milk products:

How do I feed small cat?

Dairy products such as milk and cheese are among the most important and best foods for cats, because

cheese provides cats with calcium, proteins, and fats, in addition to milk being the best food for cats, especially

in the first months of cats’ life.



Melon contains very high levels of antioxidants, in addition to containing beta-carotene, and this substance

maintains the health of the skin as well as the eyes.

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