Food for Germanic dogs at home

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Food for Germanic dogs at home

Food for Germanic dogs at home, many people prefer dog breeding, but everyone who wants to raise

a dog must know what is the best food dog to feed for that dog, so we offer you the best food for

Germanic dogs because many people in the whole world raise this type From dogs.

Food for Germanic dogs at home

Food for Germanic dogs at home

German Shepherd dogs

They are German origin dogs that belong to the chain of large dogs, which are very intelligent, as this

series is produced for the purpose of guarding and caring for sheep in Germany.

This type of dog is great protection for a human being and a companion, but this type of dog needs a certain

type of lifestyle.


This type of dog is distinguished by the double-coat fur that is thick and dense at the same time. It may

be mixed with red and maybe wavy at times.


There are rare types of it, and the color of the fur mixes between blue and white, and the dog is characterized

by length and luxury, as it reaches 56 cm to 66 cm. This dog is characterized by lightness and softness.


German Shepherd dogs food

This dog is characterized by the ability to protect the entire family with dedication because it is very loyal as

it monitors any behavior issued by guests or strangers, and although this dog is a pet, it is sometimes very firm

and fierce with other dogs.


Since this dog is very intelligent, it can do many tasks at one time, and one of the things that you should know

about this type of dog is that it suffers from many health problems and is often hereditary.


Among these diseases are some deformities in the femoral blade, as well as a problem in the elbow tissue,

as the stomach is broad, and some abnormalities may also be found in the spinal cord.


the best food for Germanic dogs

It requires feeding this type of dog a large amount of food in order for that food to suit its large size and there

are types of dog food, including:


Ready food:

This type is sold to many stores devoted to animal food, and this type of food has the advantage that it is stored for a long time as it contains many of the nutrients that the dog needs.

Also, this type can be eaten anywhere, even if the dog is on the road, and despite the large German dogs, they only eat small amounts of this food at a time.



There are many different types of feed that Germanic dogs can feed on because they contain a high content

of fiber but are considered of low quality and do not contain the multivitamins that are useful for that dog.


High-quality food:

This type of food includes meat, vegetables, and grains that we can feed to the dog through the home, and

it is of high nutritional value, so it is the ideal choice for feeding these dogs.


Some recipes for eating Germanic dogs

Meat is the best food that can be given to the dog. One of the best types of meat is horse meat and beef.

These meats are cut into small pieces so the dog can eat them.

It is also possible to eat the liver, heart, lungs, and stomach, but all of this meat must be cooked well.

food dog

Bones are one of the types of foods that are presented to the dog, such as sugar bones because they help

in the process of training the dog’s jaw muscular, and we should not give him boiled bones because they may

lead to constipation, and he should not be given a tubular bone so that it does not lead to a hole in the stomach.


eat dog

Fish can be used to feed this type of dog, but they must be cleaned and removed from the sock.

Boiled eggs can be fed to this type of dog because the dog digests that food quickly and some other foods

can be introduced to the dog such as dairy, cheese, and other foods.

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