10 golden cat care tips

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10 golden cat care tips

10 golden cat care tips, pets, especially cats, among the most sensitive beings such as humans,

just feeling neglected, whether it is hygiene or personal neglect, affects negatively on them, and sometimes

refuses to eat and drink, which leads to death, and in cats health it is possible to commit suicide.


It is a mistake if someone thinks that caring for cats is simple and easy, because caring for them,

especially newborns, is no less complicated than a human being.

10 golden cat care tips

10 golden cat care tips

10 golden cat care tips

1- Show the cat to a specialist before taking it to ensure that it is free of infectious diseases.

2- It is preferable to have a two-month-old cat.

3- Two-month-old cats, after 5 days of acquisition, are vaccinated quadruple vaccination against viruses,

and this process is repeated after 21 days, then every year.


4- Cats are vaccinated and preventive therapeutic doses every two months, and therapeutic doses against

worms are taken according to the weight of the cat every three months.

5- When cats are three months old, they are vaccinated against rabies every year.

6- Weaning cats at the age of two months, and from two months to 6 months you eat three to four meals

a day, and from 6 months to a year you eat two or three days a day, and from more than a year you eat twice a day.

7- Cats are prohibited from dairy, sweets, chocolate, fruits, onions, garlic, grills, and bones.


8- Cats eat French and German tripod food which is one of the foods designated for cats, and soft food can

be given as a small meal between main meals, and fresh food which is boiled chicken pieces cut into very small

pieces, boiled potatoes or carrots that are well mashed, triangular cheese, empty yogurt Fat, mashed boiled beans.


9- Showering to cats in the winter when necessary, and once every two weeks in the summer, because

cats clean themselves with their teeth because they contain an anti-bacterial substance.

10- The average lifespan of domesticated cats begins at the age of 7 months, where an ovulatory cycle similar

to the menstrual cycle occurs in women, but with a difference in the way the egg is released, in a woman the

egg descends with menstrual blood, but in cats the egg remains in it when ovulation Fertility from male.

What do young cat eat?

Small month-old cats need a certain food, given their young age and their need for multiple nutrients, to grow

in a healthy and sound manner, as they depend mainly on milk for their milk, whether mother’s milk, or

alternative milk that is recognized by the vet, or animal care centers .


As it is intended to eat one or two months old kittens, it is also not recommended to provide cow or buffalo

milk for the kitten, as it causes stomach problems.


eat small cats

It is also possible to provide some solid meals “dry food” to eat small cats a month old, and some snacks that

humans eat, but in small quantities, so as not to harm the stomach of young newborn cats, and we gradually

begin to provide more types of food as they age.

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