What are dog breeds

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What are dog breeds

What are dog breeds, the dog is a meat-eating mammal of the dog family that includes pets and wilderness such as jackal dogs, and is a species of wolves? Its scientific name is also Canis lupus familiaris, a pet that has been domesticated by humans over 30,000 years ago.

Chosen thanks to cross-breeding dogs. Today the dog is with the cat one of the world’s favorite pets. There are more than 300 breeds, and the dog is considered the best friend of man.

What are dog breeds

What are dog breeds

Information about dogs

The dog has very sharp senses which are the sense of smell and hearing. Because dogs are able to hear ultrasound, especially those that the human senses cannot perceive. Perhaps it is due to the physical differences because the size of their ears is larger than ours and thus a more receptive form of sounds.

Not to mention the fact that they are also more mobile than our ears. Dogs also have about ten times the waxy cells from humans and forty times the odor cells. Hence, it is able to distinguish more than 500,000 kinds of odors.

Dog factions

Breeds differ in outward appearance as dogs contain a group unparalleled in the animal kingdom while their internal anatomy remains the same. The dog’s skeleton contains about 300 bones. It should be noted that only his legs rest on the floor.

Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, while Irish wolfhound is the largest dog in the world.

Dog breeds

Since the Neolithic period, humans have always been accompanied by dogs, many dog ​​breeds were already present at that time.

The “Canis familiaris” bones, which is the scientific name for a dog dating back to 6000 BC, show that there were actually two types of breeds: one of the types of “dog” and one of the type “Sloughi” also called barbarian greyhound.

Sculptures were found in many civilizations representing dogs, as statues of dogs were seen in Assyrian sculptures. The dogs were old and still intended for guarding and fighting together. And in these Assyrian sculptures, we can also see a greyhound being used as a fishing aid due to its speed.

As for the Egyptian civilization, dogs had a special place where there are many paintings and statues that represent dogs, whether those used for hunting for guarding or companionship and that was in the year 1600 BC. This indicates the age of the dog’s existence in human life.

The oldest dog breeds – What are dog breeds

What are dog breeds – Among the oldest strains, we find:

  • Kanish This dog was one of the favorite dogs of the bourgeois classes in the seventeenth century AD.
  • Pichon Maltese The Greeks have cared for these dogs since the 5th century BC.
  • Greyhound is found in the sculptures of many civilizations such as the Egyptians and Assyrians.
  • The bikini is a dog that was taken care of by the ruling family in Tibet and was forbidden to the public.
  • Saint Bernard This dog belongs to the Berbers who inhabited the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, then it was brought to Athens and then to Rome until it became one of the famous dogs of Switzerland.

Small dog breeds


He holds the record for being the world’s smallest dog. Its length, from the nose to the tip of the tail, does not exceed 21 cm to the height at the withers from 15 to 22 cm. Its maximum weight can reach a maximum of 3 kg, and some of these dogs weigh only 800 grams.

She has a sacred character despite her small size, she occupies an impressive place in her master’s life. Sometimes it can be very spoiled, sometimes it may have very bad habits. Therefore, Chihuahua, like many other dogs, needs education and training.

He is not afraid, sometimes flips, and does not always absorb children, but he is also brave and despite his small size, he is resistant to many diseases. Average life expectancy between 14 and 18 years.

Le Petit Branson

This short-haired dog is 24 cm in weight and weighs 3 to 6 kg. So he has a small size, but despite this, he is a strong dog and loves to play a lot. Sometimes he acts recklessly even with large dogs.

It also has a moody mood, it must be taught as soon as possible, especially since this can allow him to tolerate the presence of children more easily but must be monitored when young children are present at home.

Most of the time remains close to his master, who is loyal and affectionate and prefers not to spend much time away from him. He does not like loneliness. This dog is in strong health. The average life expectancy is 13 years.

Dwarf Spitz

This dog resembles a small teddy bear, and for this reason, it is called Loulou de Pomerania. It weighs 2 to 3 kg at most and does not exceed 21 cm. He is known for his tendency to escape from the house, so it is imperative that his owner has a fully enclosed patio or garden.

This dog is a ball of energy and passion together, so he needs to work out every day. Among his bad qualities is that he barks a lot without reason, so it is necessary to train and teach him as soon as possible so as not to disturb his owner’s family or the neighborhood in which you live. The average life expectancy is 14 years.

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