How to treat a cat from a cold

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How to treat a cat from a cold

How to treat a cat from a cold, cats are considered pets, as people prefer to have them and raise them at home,

and they, like other animals, are vulnerable to many diseases and cat health problems, the most common

of which are colds.


Symptoms of a cat infected with influenza and ways to deal with it:

Colds that affect cats occur due to the presence of a bacterial infection, and this disease has many symptoms

that a person should be aware of and the most important of them are: a runny nose, tears in the eye, frequent

sneezing, loss of appetite, stuffy nose, and glottis.

Therefore, a person should take some necessary measures such as keeping the house moist, as moisture

helps increase the cat’s ability to breathe during a cold, and it is best to put the cat in a steam bath several

times a day for 10 or 15 minutes.


treat a cat from a cold

And many cats do not like the siege and will try to get out of this siege by the large number of the meow,

and if the cat in the meow exceeds 5 minutes, he must be released so that the disease does not become severe,

and the cat’s face must be cleaned because when the disease is infected it will result in emptying around the

eyes, nose and ears.


Thus his face must be cleaned several times a day by using a wet towel, and try to calm the cat with some nice

words because the cats can translate the good feeling towards them, which helps to heal them.

treat a cat

Warm and lukewarm water should be used a little, and be careful not to use too cold or too hot water, and

encourage the cat to eat food because it loses its appetite when getting sick, because obtaining the required

food is considered very important to keep the cat during his illness, which makes his recovery quickly.


It is best to warm the food for several minutes in the microwave, because the spread of the smell of food at

home may encourage the cat to eat, and you should work to bring many of his favorite foods.


The isolation of other animals raised in the home must be done in order to avoid infection, and this continues

for ten consecutive days, and it should be noted that the incubation period of the disease is large and therefore

some rapid symptoms such as:


The pet is in hibernation, losing appetite, and it is necessary to make sure that the water is clean at all times

and providing an adequate amount of it, because the sick cat desperately needs it to keep his body hydrated,

and the water bowl must be constantly changed.


Important tips to avoid cats getting a cold during the winter season:

Cats should not be allowed to sleep on uncovered floors because this is a bad behavior and it is one of the most

important reasons that cause cats to catch a cold.


You should try to pay attention to combing the cat’s hair on a daily basis because the smooth combing hair helps

the cats a lot to feel warm, while the frizzy hair makes them feel uncomfortable.

Water for drinking cats

It is preferable to put half a tablet of vitamin C effervescent vitamin in the water for drinking cats, on a daily

basis, because it has a wonderful effect in preventing a cold or reducing the severity of symptoms in case God

forbid, the infection actually occurred.


Attention should be paid not to overwhelming cats in the winter, and bathing should only be in the case of

extreme necessity, with caution and warm the house well, and it is best to use other methods of cleaning instead

of bathing, and work to provide them with vitamins and minerals to raise their natural immunity.

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