How to treat constipation in cats

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How to treat constipation in cats

How to treat constipation in cats, cats are pets that many seek to acquire and raise at home, and there

are many types and gentle forms, but cats like humans have their own needs as they are also infected

with diseases, and here the behavior of the cat must be observed in order for us to know

Your health cat problems and we will get to know together and through the next lines about the treatment

of constipation in cats.

How to treat constipation in cats

How to treat constipation in cats

How do you know that your cat suffers from constipation?

Cats sometimes have a blockage in their inner intestine and thus find it difficult to defecate naturally, and

when you see or notice that your cat spends a long time in its litter box, then know that the cat suffers from


You should constantly check your cat’s litter box, as the natural cat urinates two to three times daily, and if

you say less than that, this means that your cat suffers from some problems, either with a bladder or a bowel



Methods of treating constipation in cats:

cats food :

The first thing to think about is the food provided to cats because it is one of the main elements that cause

treatment or prevention of constipation. Here is a set of advice on treatment and prevention of constipation:


1 – Reducing the dry dry food meals that are offered to cats, where many cat breeders are unaware that

focusing on them causes constipation. As we mentioned, cats are like humans and need diversity in diets.


2 – It is very important to add foods that contain fiber to the cat’s daily diet, and if the cat suffers from partial

constipation, it is useful to add pureed squash to its food.


3 – You must choose good types of canned foods that contain important nutrients for the health of cats, and

some foods such as pureed pumpkin can be mixed with it to increase the benefit.


4 – Providing a balanced meal for cats to make them safe from diseases and treating constipation. The home

meal should contain starches, meat and vegetables, cook them well and bring them in a clean bowl.

Personal cat cleanliness:

1 – One of the most common reasons

that cause cats to be constipated is the lack of attention to cleaning the

cat and rid it of insects, and it occurs when the cat cleans its usual hair by licking by the tongue, so the cat

swallows any insects that are inside its hair, and thus worms and intestinal microbes that cause the constipation.


2 – Hair balls or lupus

that are found on cat hair are among the main causes of constipation and must be disposed

of quickly and clean the cat, as the cat swallows these balls when you clean them normally for its hair, this hair

or these balls descend to the cat’s stomach and collect with it, which causes bowel obstruction And then the cat is

completely constipated and tired.


Pay attention to the water situation:

Care must be taken to put water in many areas of the cat at home, changing it frequently and cleaning the

designated container always.


Attention to fortifications:

Cat vaccinations are very important and must be taken care of for the safety of the cat and also at home,

and it is important to ask about the dates of worms doses, because worms are a cause of cat infection, whether

constipation or other diseases.

Some quick prescriptions for constipation:

1 – Giving your cat lactating milk is very beneficial.

2- With a dropper, place 1 cm of olive oil and give it to the cat by mouth once in the morning and again

in the evening.

3 – Make a meal consisting of zucchini and chicken meat, mash well, and in case of severe constipation,

put some olive oil drops on it, and continue this meal until the constipation disappears.

4 – In cases of severe constipation, an enema should be made for the cat, but under the supervision of a veterinarian.

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