How to train a dog to play?

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How to train a dog to play?

How to train a dog to play, There are many reasons why a dog may not be heavily involved in playing with

his fellow human beings.

How to train a dog to play

How to train a dog to play

For example, a dog may have been raised in isolation and thus become less positive with humans due to

the expertness of a few people and not mixing with them. The rescue dog may have been hit by its owner,

or the puppy may be shy.


If your dog or puppy is worried or unwilling to engage with you, you can gain confidence by socializing and

treating dog in a pleasant manner. This is because when the dog feels comfortable with you and is reassured,

he can learn to play and have fun.


Some dog owners may not care if their dog is fun or not, but there are a number of benefits to cans with dogs:


Benefits of training a dog to play

  • Play provides mental stimulation to dogs and an important way to burn extra energy.
  • Playing is a great way to build bonds and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.
  • Play is a great way to reward your dog for learning new skills.
  • Playing is fun! Just as with people, they play and do activities that increase the quality of the dog’s life.
  • But when you start training your dog to play, remember that patience is the most important tool you need to have. It may take time for the dog to start trusting its owners, as well as more time to learn appropriate ways to interact with humans.

Start slowly

There are several reasons why a dog small may not learn to play. The most important of these reasons is the lack of socialization early in the life of the dog. Simply dogs do not play because they have never played with anyone else, and another reason is that their instincts may cause them to do other things.

Reward the dog with toys

Start with gentle praise or rewards for any dog’s interest in playing. You can even hide a bonus or spread a little peanut butter on a train or ball game. And the dog will quickly learn that playing means giving him good things.

Share the game with the dog

When the dog feels comfortable with the toys, then it is time for you to start interacting with the dog with toys. Start slow.

Sit near the dog and pull the ball toward him, if he shows interest, give him a treat. It may take some time, but the more your dog participates in the game, the faster the dog will learn to play.

Choose toys that the dog loves

Try to choose games that suit your dog’s personality. Your dog will likely enjoy playing fetching and playing ball as well.

Herding dogs such as the German Shepherd dog tend to perform well in agility, and by choosing toys that are appropriate for the nature of the dogs they were raised with, it will be easier to train the dog to play and provide lots of fun for your dog.

Also dogs love to play with intelligence games, such as dodging and hiding, and one of the most important games that dogs prefer is Intelligent Escaping Toy, which you can buy this game to enjoy with your dog.

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