4 games raise the level of the intelligence of cats

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4 games raise the level of the intelligence of cats

games raise the level of the intelligence of cats, Cats are beautiful and friendly creatures who love running, playing and having fun, so don’t try to reduce your cat’s ability to play and have fun and make him enjoy normal game times.

4 games raise the level of the intelligence of cats

4 games raise the level of the intelligence of cats

The level of intelligence of cats breeding is related to the intelligence of their owners and their ability to

develop these characteristics by providing an ideal environment similar to the environment in which cats

live in the wild.


Cats are hunted animals, so they like to be active and move by nature. If you involve your cat in various games periodically, you will notice that cats have great skills in various games, even if these games are tug of war.

Perhaps you are now wondering about games that can attract cats and give them a great time to play and have fun while at the same time helping to raise the level of intelligence of cats.


What games do cats enjoy the most?

To answer this question, we will get to know with you today the 4 best games that cats can play, according to experts and trainers of pets.

Cats cannot see close up very efficiently if we compare their ability to look and observe objects from afar, so you will notice that your cat loves to watch from high places for long hours as cats can discover small, subtle movements from a distance.

For example, cats can see 30 meters away even if the light is dim, and they can also hear faint sounds that a person cannot hear, not even dogs.

Bird cat games:

In these games waving a feather or a stick that contains a bird in the form of a game, these games require cats to jump in the air and try to catch the bird using his front paws.

We advise you to choose a safe area in the house so that your cat can play with these games, provided that this area is also wide so that the cat cannot jump on furniture, for example.

Attack and swoop games:

Attack and swoop games measure your cat’s ability to jump and attack another object moving on the ground so you can place a target until the cat swipes by moving your fingers under a mattress or blanket on the sofa.

Also, cats love to play with blankets and bed covers, and you may have noticed that as soon as you start changing the bed sheet or chair covers your cat will appear and start trying to play and pounce on these places.

Experts believe that the reason for this is the very rapid movement of the covers, which resemble the prey that cats like to hunt, so they immediately move and imitate their ancestors in the wild.

Hunting and kicking games:

These games highlight the cat’s natural ability to hunt prey, pull prey, control, and move it.

How many times have you noticed your cat holding your hands or one of her favorite toys with her teeth and kicking her tightly with the claws of his hind feet? This way, cats kill their prey and neutralize their resistance.

So it is one of the fun games for your cat. Provide a lightweight doll that contains fur or feathers in the shape of a rabbit or mouse so that it looks like a real rabbit.

To start playing, throw the game on the ground until your cat sees it and starts jumping towards it and hunted by punches and punches.

Playing ball

Have your cat engage in a fun activity with this awesome game! Ball game, when it comes to playing, it is not just about fun and games. For pet cats that love to explore, playing ball games Ball game three levels for pets is a serious business that helps them learn important survival skills and provides them with the exercise necessary to stay healthy.

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