What do dogs eat at home?

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What do dogs eat at home?

What do dogs eat at home, some people are interested in raising animals in their homes, such as cats

and dogs, for the purpose of enjoyment or protection, and cat food differs from dog food because cats

naturally tend to eat meat and dairy products in particular, which makes it easier for family members,

where they provide They have leftovers from their daily food intake.

What do dogs eat at home

What do dogs eat at home

As for dogs, it may be bred most of the time for the purpose of protection, sometimes they are trained in

harsh exercises to be able to defend the members of the house in emergency situations, and this requires

them to provide a balanced and integrated food with its nutritional elements in order for the dogs to perform

their tasks vigorously and vigorously, as well as being given special food to extend their life, And reduces

her exposure to diseases during her upbringing period.


Dog food

Dog food varies according to their age. Eating a puppy is different from eating an adult dog, and it is also

different from dog food for hard and exhausting exercises that require full-nutrient food to be able to sustain

its daily work.


Food that is not recommended to be fed to dogs for dogs is its own, and its diet is special like all other

organisms. Because of the connection of human life to dogs ’lives, a person may introduce some foods

to the dog’s diet, which causes him to be disturbed. Some of these unwanted foods that are not

recommended for dogs are:


Fatty foods:

A person may think that a dog loves meat of any kind, feeding him with fats, which causes him an

abnormal accumulation of fat, which causes obesity, lethargy, difficulty in movement, and even leads

to pancreatitis.


Broken bones:

It is well known that dogs love the bones greatly, but these bones may be harmful to dogs and cause

disease if they are broken, or have sharp edges, where when swallowed they may penetrate one of the

body parts and cause holes in the stomach or intestine wound of the gums, or the roof of the mouth.



Chocolate contains substances that stimulate the work of the heart, as some fines from chocolate may

cause the death of the dog.


Uncooked dough causes flatulence, abdominal pain, and loss of concentration in dogs. Alcohol: Alcohol

causes many health problems for the dog, so it is advised to avoid serving it to dogs.



Caffeine in coffee and soft drinks causes muscle cramps for dogs and tremors in the body.


It causes muscle weakness and abdominal pain caused by poor digestion, loss of focus, and tremors.

Some fruits:

Some types of fruits cause very harmful effects on dogs, and these include tomatoes, grapes or raisins, onions, and garlic.

Varieties of dog food

Food for domesticated dogs is now divided into three sections:

Dehydrated food:

This food contains important nutrients from proteins, vitamins, salts, fats, dried meats, carbohydrates,

and minerals of all kinds in carefully studied and mixed proportions, in a way that corresponds to the

bodies of dogs in the form of small balls or in the form of small bones.


health of dogs

This food is characterized by being very beneficial to the health of dogs, feeding and strengthening their

bones, teeth, and jawbones without increasing their weights, as it helps to clean their teeth continuously,

but one of the disadvantages of this food is its high prices due to the presence of preservatives, and artificial

flavors that make it last longer Delicious taste of dogs, which may cause dogs to develop cancer, so it is

necessary to diversify the quality of food in order not to harm the health of the dog in the future.


Canned Food:

This food consists of a mixture of meat, carbohydrates, rice, vitamins, salts, and industrial flavors and

canned, which is characterized by its health benefits for dogs and the ease of serving it, as it does not

need an effort to prepare it, but it is also harmful in the long term because it also contains flavors and

preservatives, in addition to its costs The higher monthly, and if the dog gets used to eating it, he may

refuse any other type of food.

Home-made food:

Homemade food is distinguished by its high level of hygiene in addition to its cheapness, as it is either

leftovers from the household members eating eggs, meat, etc., or it is made from materials that are widely

available inside the house, and the dog may not accept at first the home food. But with his re-introduction

to the dog more than once, he will get used to it and become a delicacy for him and preparing food such as

eggs or meat as a special meal for the dog will increase the love and attachment of the dog to the household

members, because he will appreciate their fatigue in preparing his meals.

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