How do we deal with cats at home?

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How do we deal with cats at home?

How do we deal with cats at home, many people like to have many pets and raise them, and cats are the most

common of these animals among people, where we find many of them take care of cats and feed, love and

care for cats, but others may face a problem in how to deal with cats on the one hand Food, hygiene and

a beautiful and attractive shape, so we will look here at the basic rules used to feed and protect the cat

and its cats breeding.


Dealing with cats at home

How do we deal with cats at home

How do we deal with cats at home?

Cat food supplies

Its own food, which many of us are ignorant of so that it includes the following foods: Using tools and

utensils dedicated to it, preferably copper and not plastic so that the bowl or bowl contains two hollows,

one for food and the other for water. Canned food including ready-made cat food only. If you have a group

of cats, it will be difficult to feed them canned foods because they are very expensive. They can be replaced

with roast chicken so that they are less expensive.


Avoid feeding the cat, for example, with tuna, because it causes allergies to it, as well as the need to read

the attached expiration date on canned food.


It is not recommended to put milk in cats that are less than six months old, because it causes many digestive

problems, the most important of which are gastroenteritis.


Bath amenities

Caring for a cat’s hygiene is also a very important topic, especially if this cat lives at home with children.

Here, the basic rules must be observed in maintaining its cleanliness, to avoid infecting people with diseases

that may be caused by dirt on the cat, especially its fur. Keep your cat clean:


  • Purchase a shampoo for your cat’s hygiene, preferably with a beautiful and scented aroma.
  • Special tissues are used to dry your cat’s hair, especially after you shower and wash it.
  • Use the powder after drying the cat, as it is placed on its body after an hour of drying.
  • Purchase a comb to comb cat hair and get rid of loose and complex hair, especially if your cat’s hair is very thick.

Care for the shape and beauty of cats

As for the cat’s care in terms of appearance and beauty, it is done using a set of accessories, the most prominent of which are:

  • A chain of precious stones.
  • A group of bells placed at the foot.
  • A cloth ball to avoid scratching the cat for home purposes with her nails.

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