What is the best way to breed cats?

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What is the best way to breed cats?

What is the best way to breed cats, cats are cute and cute animals, and they are one of the most common

animals in the house, due to the ease of dealing with them, taking them away, and obeying them to humans.

Cats belong to the lion, tiger, tiger, and American cheetah family.

What is the best way to breed cats

What is the best way to breed cats

Cat breeding tips

One of the important tips in raising cats is to make sure that there is no allergy to cats in any family member

before making the decision to raise a cat at home.

Get the cat from a reliable source.

Visit the veterinarian regularly, and give the cat the necessary vaccinations.


breeding cat

Do not leave young children alone with a cat, as they may be exposed to biting and scratching from the cat.

Familiarize family members with handling the cat gently and not harming him.

Keep your cat at home to protect it from harm, and to ensure that communicable diseases are not transmitted to it.


litter box

Keep the litter box (sandbox) clean, wear gloves when cleaning, and make sure to

wash hands thoroughly when finished.


Involving children in caring for the cat, as this helps children to feel responsible.

Securing a quiet and comfortable place for your cat, and ensuring that it is clean and combing its hair.


Cat scratches

If the cat scratches a family member, the scratch site should be washed immediately with soap and water.

Refer to the doctor immediately in the event of biting, and take antibiotics to eliminate the germs that may

be transmitted from the cat’s wound to the wound.


best way to breed cats

Clipping your cat’s nails regularly, because the cat may resort to scratching furniture

to get rid of the old layers of nails, and that scratching brings him pleasure and a sense

of security, so the cat’s claws must be cut to protect the furniture.


Refrain from cutting the cat’s mustaches forever, because it helps him feel the environment surrounding him,

the spaces available to him, and his way in the dark, and when cutting the mustache the cat becomes confused.

Cat food

There is a lot of cat food in the commercial centers, and they are available in many forms, including:

Dry food:

The percentage of moisture in dry food (6% -10%), and it consists of meat and derivatives, grains and

derivatives, dairy, dietary fiber, and vitamins. This type of food is characterized by ease of use and low cost.

Semi-wet food:

The moisture content in this type of food is approximately (35%), which is mainly composed of meat and its

derivatives, and some grains and soybeans. The semi-moist food is characterized by its medium cost, but it is

quickly damaged after opening the can.


Canned food:

The moisture content of canned food (at least 75%), which is the preferred food for cats, consists mainly of

meat, such as the kidneys or liver, and meat derivatives, characterized by its easy preservation and long shelf life,

but it is high in cost compared to dry and semi-moist food.

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