Is raising cats at home harm?

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Is raising cats at home harm?

Is raising cats at home harm. Raising cats at home has many benefits for the breeder of this pet,

such as reducing anxiety or loneliness that many people may suffer if they do not find a comfortable

psychological atmosphere around them, and other benefits that are not mentioned in This article.

Is raising cats at home harm

Is raising cats at home harm

but we will address the other side of the topic, which is the harm of breeding cats at home, which is generally

in the health aspect, as it may cause the transmission of many diseases to humans such as epic inflammation,

rabies, and cat-scratch disease, which we will deal with in some detail in This article.


Eye conjunctivitis infection

Cats transmit to many people a disease such as conjunctivitis, which appears as redness in the eye, with the

the occurrence of purulent secretions, but it is not a serious problem, as it is easy to treat cats and humans from

it using drops and ointments, but for its prevention, it is by washing hands with soap and water After touching

the cat if it is confirmed to have the disease, the cat should also be prevented if it is proven that it has the

disease from moving around the house, and making sure to keep it away from the bed of all family members,

and their places of sitting pending treatment of the disease.

Rabies infection

Cats transmit rabies disease to humans, but it can be said that the transmission of cats to this infection is

less overall than dogs, because it is characterized by dormancy when infected with the disease, so it does

not become a condition of frenzy that affects dogs when infected with the same disease. Sometimes for someone

who suffers it, whether it is a person or an animal, it is rare for anyone to escape from it, and the animal’s

infection with this disease is a result of scratching or biting another animal infected with rabies.


The same applies to a person who is transmitted to him in the same way mentioned above, in addition to an

an additional factor is the contamination of human wounds with the games of an animal infected with the disease,

and once infected with this disease, the virus reaches the nervous system, and its effects start from the occurrence

of severe convulsions to a change in personality and other symptoms The death is often the end of it, but with

scientific progress, there is a vaccination available for both humans and cats.

Cat scratch infection infection

Bartonella bacteria cause cat scratch disease, which reaches the cat through fleas, and small cats carry this

disease more than large cats, and if the cat carries this microbe and then scratches a person, it transmits infection

to humans, and symptoms of infection are represented by enlarged lymph nodes And sometimes hotter.

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