How to train dogs for beginners

How to train dogs for beginners

Dog Training for Beginners How to Train Dogs for Beginners Are you interested in raising a dog in your

home ?! Do you already have a dog and want to train? Are you thinking of training and modifying the

behavior of the dog you are raising now and do not know where to start ?!


Perhaps the best solution would be to attend training sessions led by professional trainers! But this is

expensive and not available to everyone, breed dogs.

How do you choose the right dog for training and breeding?

How to train dogs for beginners

How to train dogs for beginners

Dogs are considered one of the most diverse and varied breeds and it may be difficult to choose between

them in general, but if you specify your needs it will be easy for you to choose the right dog for your lifestyle.

Thus it is easy to know how to train it. For example, if you like calm and relaxation, do not think of the Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier that he does not stop barking with strength and his energy is always high!


You should read about the different breeds and their nature and know that dog life ranges between 10:15

years. So you have to choose carefully the dog that fits with his girlfriend for a long time and you can train

him to be as you wish.


Also, an important thing in choosing a dog is having children in your family, as some breeds are not appropriate

for raising and training them, and there are children at home.

Be honest with yourself about the compatibility of your dog with your lifestyle.


Steps for how to train dogs:

1. Choose a name for the dog

You must choose an appropriate name for everyone, and be able to distinguish his or her own name so that you can grab his attention during training.
The name should be strong and clear, which stands out from the rest of the usual speech on the tongues around him throughout the day.
Use his name and you interact with him throughout the day in play or training, or any time you try to get his attention.
When you get to the point where your dog looks at you if he hears his name directly, now he realizes that this is his name.
If you have a female dog, you can choose from the names of female dogs.

2. Determine the time to train the dog

You must set an appropriate time in the beginning, starting with 5-minute sessions spread over the day.
Try not to exceed the training period of 20 minutes, especially with puppies or small dogs because they have a little interest period and then they get bored.
Of course, sessions are not the only time your dog is training, training takes place throughout the day when interacting with him constantly.
Bad dog habits develop when dog owners allow dogs to behave badly outside of custom training sessions.
Therefore, always monitor your dog outside training sessions, to ensure that what has been trained has been applied.

3. Get ready psychologically and mentally to train the dog

When working with your dog, be calm and neutral.
Any form of pressure and intolerance on your part will negatively affect the training results.
You should be aware of the fact that the goal of training is to be able to promote good dog behavior and to ignore or not to promote bad behavior.

Adjust your behavior and attitude to encourage your dog’s ability and confidence to learn.
If you have a calming mood, your dog will feel it too. If your dog fears your bad mood, he will not learn anything new. He will just learn to be careful and not trust you.
You should be aware of how to train dogs not to fear and build confidence between you and your dog.
You may feel pressured and frustrated at times, but training your dog well requires emotional stability and patience.

4. Choose the right equipment

Puppies and small dogs usually do not need much equipment
A 6-foot “dog leash” leash, flat collar or martingale collar might be all you need to get started
Consult a trainer for advice on other equipment such as the “Promise Leader” halter, the “No Pull” tool, a metal training collar, or any other device.

5. How to obey dogs

One of the most important dog exercises you should start with is training your dog with obedience training
Obedience training for dogs includes training dogs to sit and training dogs not to bark.
Train your dog to obey eating time and adjust your dog’s behavior.

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