How to breed dogs at home

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How to breed dogs at home

How to breed dogs at home, raising pets for some people exceeds the hobby stage, some of them are up to mania, and dogs come among the favorite animals for different social classes, whether the goal is guarding or otherwise, but the task of training them in hearing and obedience may be difficult or almost impossible for some However, the matter is very simple if the person has a little patience, and the matter can be facilitated by following the following advice:

Take the dog out of the house repeatedly

This is the most important thing you can do to teach the dog to spend his need outside the home, although

this may seem an exaggeration, but you have to take the dog out of the house constantly as much as you

can, and you should do this every half an hour, stick to the schedule you set and try not to You miss out

once, as the dog will get used to connecting these times spent outside the home, with his desire to eliminate the need.

Stick to a dog’s feeding schedule

Feed the dog at the same time every morning and evening, then wait 20-30 minutes before taking the

dog out of the house. Establishing a dog feeding schedule will facilitate the prediction of when the dog

will need to make his need, making dog training easier.

Learn to find signs of your dog’s desire to spend his need

These signs include walking stiffly, sniffing the ground in search of a suitable place to relieve need,

or strangely raising its tail, etc.

How to breed dogs at home

How to breed dogs at home

 Select a designated place outside the home

Set a place in a green space outside the house, and take the dog to the same place every time you

go out with him from the house, where dogs can get used to routine things and practice them constantly.

Supervise dogs during training

Make sure to spend a lot of time observing the dog during the early stages of his presence at home,

this supervisory stage is very important as it enables you to teach the dog the link between the desire

to eliminate the need and go outside the house, and the best way to train the dog quickly is to boycott

him before he can eliminate his need at home .

Leave the dog in a crate during the night when you are not at home

The dog will definitely spend his need on the floor of the house if you let him roam around the house at night, and putting the dog in a clean and beautiful box reduces the possibility of this happening.

The beginning of dog training

The dog has the finest sense of smell, can track the smell of an animal during several days, and also

has a subtle hearing, and his vision differs from human in that he does not distinguish colors, but

rather sees it as contrasting shades of gray.


Methods of raising dogs at home

Some people may think that dog training is almost impossible only by a coach, but the general principles

of dog training are very simple. The most important item in its rules is “patience” and not feeling despair.


Training dogs from a young age

Training starts with the dog from a young age. And 12 weeks of age may be appropriate, training

a dog at puberty is very difficult, that is, after approximately 16 months, and the dog’s personality

consists from birth to the age of one year. During which you can get used to what you want and acquire

the necessary traits and behaviors, while not neglecting the genetic traits in its breed, the dog who will

undertake an external mission must be in good health. He has normal roughness and skin more rough

than others. Indeed, it must be one of the most complete existing species.

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